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Computer Village have a product or service to meet all your IT-related needs.  We're different because, amongst other things, we build our own range of hardware solutions using only Grade One components.  Our customised suite of products is constantly evolving.

Let Computer Village help!

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Computer Village's customers expect friendly, informed service.  You expect us to know our stuff, and to be able to explain it.

Call Computer Village for independent, sensible advice.  Our expert staff are CNAs, CNEs, MCPs, qualified hardware engineers, and Lotus Administrators.

We believe in excellence in IT.  We'll help you find the right solution at a price you can afford.

Computer Village also want our website to be a genuine source of information for customers, and casual visitors.  Have a look at our Site Map to see current headline content.  We edit the site weekly (and sometimes more often) so it's always worth checking out what's new.

Virus alert!Lots of visitors to this site find our Top 10 Viruses page useful and informative.

All computer users should be aware of a worm called W32/ExploreZip.   This can be particularly vicious.

Please remember we have had a recent outbreak of both the W32.CIH.Spacefiller (Chernobyl) virus and the W32/Ska (Happy) worm in our area.

For details on how these viruses operate, and the measures you should take to protect your system from infection, go to our virus alert page.

If you experienced a problem with your computer, you may get lost or corrupted files, corrupted data, corrupted RAID server configuration, damaged file structures, or even completely inaccessible partitions or disks. Data loss is very common, being caused by human error, logical or mechanical hard drive failure, viral attacks or natural or man-made disasters, but in nearly all hard drive recovery cases, the data can be recovered by a trained computer data recovery technician.

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